Dior Airflash vs Laura Mercier Silk Creme?

What would be better for my wedding foundation. Dior Airflash or Laura Mercier silk creme foundation? My wedding is in October and I have very oily skin if that helps at all.  Thanks!

Re: Dior Airflash vs Laura Mercier Silk Creme?

I used to have really oily skin until I began using toner diligently.  I use Loreal Hydrafresh toner after washing my face, and before applying foundation.


I dab on the toner with cotton rounds, pat dry, and apply foundation.  It makes all the difference in the world.  Washing your face has an acidic affect on your skin, so it produces more oil.  Toner will reset your skin's pH level so that it doesn't get oily.  Worked for me, hope it works for you too!

Re: Dior Airflash vs Laura Mercier Silk Creme?

Have you thought of using Hourglass- Immaculate? Hourglass is very matte and looks flawless. I use it when I go out. I also have Dior Airflash and IMO, it leaves more of a dewy finish on me. I know Dior came out with a Dior Airflash Matte but I haven't picked that one up. As for the LM, I haven't tried that one but it depends on if you're going for, a dewy finish or matte finish. I would really recommend you try Hourglass for a matte finish. Ask for a sample to try, see if you like it. Smiley Wink Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!!

Re: Dior Airflash vs Laura Mercier Silk Creme?

Thanks!  I did try the Immaculate, I was really excited for it.  It even has a color with a lot of yellow for the undertone.  However for some reason when I tried to apply it, it went on super patchy.  Maybe I will try again though.

I do not mind a dewy finish, just don't want an oil slick on my nose after an hour of wear Smiley Happy

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