Cover FX Powder and Foundation

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I've wanted to try Cover FX for the past few weeks.  I know I should test/shade match in store but I figured I could ask on the board first to get some opinions on a good shade.


I wear MAC NC20, UD Naked 2, Este Lauder DW in Ecru (a tiny tad light but I dont mind because I use bronzer to contour).


The shades I am looking at that may match me are: 

Cover FX Mineral Foundation in:



















Maybe N20 or G20??? Not sure.




Re: Cover FX Powder and Foundation

I went into sephora and matched myself and the best match was the G20!


The G30 was too dark. The N20 was too light & too pink. The N25 looked orange on me.  


I had 2 SA's confirm that the G20 was best (the lighting at my local JCP Sephora store STINKS so I wanted a few opinions).



Re: Cover FX Powder and Foundation

ooh!  thanks for reporting back!  I'm glad you were able to try it out in person.  Based on your results, I should be looking at the G30 most likely....


and yeah, I do the same as you...the foundations that are too dark for me, I've been using them to contour and it works pretty well.  Mostly I'm really happy that I've found some way to use them up!

Re: Cover FX Powder and Foundation

hey roxystar, did you ever go instore to check which KVD shade matches you best?


I've been dying to try CoverFX myself and was trying to decide between N25 or G20/30.  From your previous foundation threads you're a shade or two lighter than me, but I prefer to go lighter to match my neck.

Re: Cover FX Powder and Foundation

I've been in sephora about once a week to test Kat Von D Lock it foundation and they have NO testers in my potential shades (they have the very lightest shade and then shade 54 which is way to dark for me. 


I ask the Sales associates every time when they think it will come in and they tell me they have no idea. (it is a JCP Sephora).


drrragon, I am the same way! My face is a little darker but I like to match my neck/chest because they are so light. Then by adding blush and bronzer it adds dimension.  I like to wear white so if I match my face color it rubs onto my clothing.  Plus I dont like scrubbing my neck/chest every night. LOL



Re: Cover FX Powder and Foundation

oh, yeah, that nightly scrubbing of neck/chest pretty much ensures that I never apply foundation there!  And if I match foundation to my face, when I put it on and take a step back it looks so bad because the rest of me is really pale!  


I don't think I really noticed how weird it looked until pretty recently.  I picked up an old Lancome Dual Finish in Matte Neutral II that I had set aside a year or so ago, thinking it was too light.  But it actually evens stuff out so that with the foundation on, my face matches my neck a LOT better.

Re: Cover FX Powder and Foundation

@drrragon I know exactly what you're talking about when taking a step back and then seeing a darker face and PALE neck/chest.  Also, for me, the tone looks all wrong if I match my face.


Sometimes what I do is use a darker foundation to contour with (forehead & below cheek bones & sides of nose vs. a bronzer)- even with a little bit of foundation, I can use up colors that I got that were too dark. But then use the lighter (matching my face) on all the other areas & blend really well. Seems to work 

Re: Cover FX Powder and Foundation

Hi Roxystar4, I recommend going with the color N25 in Cover FX. According to the brand, this is the best match for your skin tone.


cover fx.jpg



Re: Cover FX Powder and Foundation

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thank you!

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