Contour and Highlighting Cheekbones

So recently, I found a youtube tutorial on how to contour and highlight the cheekbones.  I used her technique..and the blush brush I have is the one that is a little bit smaller than the regular big powder brush.  So it is not the angled type at all like the girl uses in her tutorial..


So I tried her technique this morning for work...and what ended up happening was that the entire look around my cheeks ended up right in the middle of my cheeks and it looked like this big circle. Instead of it going upwards towards my temples...So I am wondering if it is the type of blush brush I am using...or if I can only use a an angled blush brush...


I tried blending it so it wouldn't look like this big circle in the middle of my cheek...and I managed to blend it so it wouldn't look so funny.....but what did I do wrong?  Or is the technique just completely wrong?

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Hi Ntailor,


I would really like to know what kind of brush you are using right now! I do have different brushes when it comes to contouring and I personally hate spending extra money on a brush when I have one thats perfectly fine so I try to make things work haha. Anyway, if possible, it would be great to have a rounded blush brush thats not too big - more on the small side! that makes things a lot easier and you can swirl the product right under your cheekbones first and then sweep the product back and forth! Otherwise, if you're using a more traditional blush brush, I would pick up some product and then deposit the color by tapping further back, closer to the ear and then sweep back and forth! I don't know if itll work for you and some people may not agree that it is the "right way" but it is simply my way


Best of luck to you!



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Hi ohaii...the blush brush I use is the rounded type brush but it isn't like the big huge powder brush type it is small than that.  I realized this morning that I think it looked to circled is because one of the colors I used was too dark and it made it look like that.  So this time, I used a much lighter color and then a very light shade of pink with a touch of shimmery eyeshadow for the top of my cheekbones...and this time it turned out better.


So, I don't think it was the brush I was using really...I just tried using this time different brushes I have to get the proper look...but thanks for the suggestions! Smiley Happy

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Try using a standard eyeshadow brush or your fingers to blend.   All of the tools work really well if you're professionally trained, but the question I most often answer from clients/blog readers is how to use the contour brush.  You might try visiting a Sephora store, hopefully one of their employees knows how to use one. 


But for the simplest beginner highlight and contour, do this:


Make the "fishy face"  (suck your cheeks in and pout your lips) It sounds silly, but it literally shows you where each product should go while you're applying, so if you make the face, and hold it through it to the end, you will get perfect contour, every time.


Using a shadow brush, apply the darker/contour color to the area below your cheek bones and in a "C"motion, along your hairline to your forehead.  Blend well.   (And side note - you don't have to buy something special for contour, just powder a few shades darker than your skin, a shadow or a bronzer.  Don't go too dark or it will look like dirt or a skid mark.)


Apply your blush to your cheekbones, and blend towards your hairline.


And finally, apply the highlight to the tops of the cheek bones, and blend in a "C" motion towards your eyebrows, and blend well. 


You don't need fancy tools to do this - often times I just use my fingers when applying my own makeup, and I'm a MUA.   It takes some practice, but the key is making sure that your contour isn't too dark, and blending well so it appears to be a part of your face, not a bunch of makeup you applied to your face.   i actually use  Virgin and Naked blended with Buck from the UD Naked Palette to do most of my highlight/contouring, and I get a lot of complements on it.  Smiley Happy


I really hope this helps love!



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Brushes make a huge difference in the outcome of your highlighting and contouring application.  The brushes that I like to use for contouring and highlighting are:

For highlighting:  
Sephora Brand's I.T. Highlighting Fan Brush ( )

For contouring: 
Sephora Brand's I.T. Face Contour Brush ( )

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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I don't like angled blush brushes for contouring. Get a brush specifically made for contouring like the MAC 109. The angled blush brush picks up too much product and makes your contour/highlight work connect as a huge ring. To highlight cheekbones I like to use a fan brush,Laura Mercier makes a nice one,  it makes it super easy with no guessing games, just deposit the color right on the peak of the cheekbone. Another tip is to think of your cheekbone as a slanted rectangle...highlight goes on top of the rectangle, contour belongs at the bottom. And remember hun, get rid of that blush brush =) haha.



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The one thing I don't want to do is purchase a new brush especially in a higher brand that will cost me either double or triple because the prices are in US and once converted to CDN costs more....I paid alot for the brush set I got back when I was in college....


If there is a different technique you could recommend that would not make my blush look like a circle that would be great...but I know I can work with the current blush brush I have.


Thanks. Smiley Happy


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