Contour/Bronzer for Porcelian/Very Fair skin?

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I have extremely fair and sensitive skin with intense pink undertones. I went to Sephora the other week and was recommended Tarte's Park Avenue Princess for my contour/bronzer color. However, it is EXTREMELY orange/coppery looking on my skin and seems to be breaking it out. I look dirty and clown like wearing even the littlest amount...


What is a good matte color I can try for my skin tone and type? I just want a natural shadow look for contouring my face, without looking orange or dirty Smiley Happy

Re: Contour/Bronzer for Porcelian/Very Fair skin?

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Howdy howdy!


That does seems to be a popular question recently. =)

A lot of people, including me, have made some suggestions here that you might be interested:


Also, if you really can't find anything, I've read that some MUA like using a foundation 1-2 shades darker for contouring/bronzer.



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