Color Correcting Foundation Primer


Do you use Color Correcting Foundation Primer (CCFP)?



What's your favorite brand?


Has the use of a Color Correcting Foundation Primer allowed you to use a more lightweight foundation? Example:Full Coverage to Sheer/Medium. 


I'm wondering if I could find a suitable CCFP for my Subtype 1 Facial Rosacea, I could use lightweight sheer-medium coverage foundations instead of full coverage.


(Not a product like MAC Prep + Prime Color Correcting Powders to use on Top of Foundation) 












Re: Color Correcting Foundation Primer

I've been testing out Clinique's Redness Solutions Primer (it's green) over the past couple of weeks and honestly haven't noticed it doing that much redness reducing  over my rosecea.  I'll use it up since it has SPF for the summer, but it hasn't impressed me so far. No change in the amount of product that I use.

Re: Color Correcting Foundation Primer

So, I did what I detest. I went to the mall on the weekend. 

I came home with Make Up Forever HD Primer #1 (Green)


My MAC friend at the counter actually recommended MUFE so off Sephora I went. 

I'm still a C1 in MAC Face & Body, sheer to medium coverage, so I didn't need to buy a new foundation for the test.


It'll be interesting to see how MUFE #1 Green HD Primer & MAC C1 turns out.




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Applied primer to half of my face brought down 3 inches below face to neck.

Didn't cancel out any redness, looked like I applied translucent setting powder to red areas.

Faint powdery mint-green tint showed me where I didn't have redness.

After absorption, green tint  completely disappeared, left a very soft translucent powdery finish.

Applied MAC Face & Body w/Beauty Blender to both sides of face & under jawline/neck area.

6 hours later, the side I applied MUFE primer under foundation looks smoother, foundation color looks fresh.

The primer works great as a 'basic primer,' but no redness cancellation.

I'll keep to use as basic primer, I do like the texture/finish.

At least I know that even where there's no redness, the green tint completely disappears on me.




Re: Color Correcting Foundation Primer

I have pretty sensitive skin and had a lot of problems with the MUFE green primer.  I found it irritating on the skin and it didn't do much for redness.

Re: Color Correcting Foundation Primer

good luck Smiley Very Happy

Re: Color Correcting Foundation Primer

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Yup...I'm gonna need it! Smiley Wink

Re: Color Correcting Foundation Primer

I have tried MAC's prep and prime natural radiance (it has yellow color), Makeup forever yellow primer, Etude house makeup base in mint color 

my friend has tried the smashbox green primer 


honestly, non of them makes much of a difference.. by itself, it looks like it did some work but once you start applying the foundation, there really is none. . 

however if you want to brighten the face and maybe wear a foundation that is a shade or two lighter, the color correcting primers do work to help it not look to obvious and unnatural.. as if your color was already that color instead of wearing a wrong color foundation


I liked MUFE yellow for brightening. Mac's strobe cream is better than the prep and prime..

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I was hoping to find a Color Correcting Foundation Primer to see if I could move away from full coverage foundations to a lightweight foundation medium coverage for summer. 


I'm not expecting a miracle...just hoping for some improvement.


I do use MAC Prep + Prime Color Correcting Powder on top of Jane Iredale mineral powder foundation if redness still shows through on a bad days. Applying liquid foundation can be quite irritating on my flare-up days.


What did your friend think about the SMASHBOX Green?

Re: Color Correcting Foundation Primer

I was hoping the same.. because if a primer can completely correct for uneven skin tone, I could use a sheer foundation and not have to worry about breaking out .. Smiley Sad 

but I think at most it was able to do maybe 15% of the job or less. it appears like it did something at first but it might get absorbed or something. 


my friend bought the travel sized smashbox green, but she just leaves it siting after one usage. its not a good primer and also a not good color corrector.. she said it somehow disappears on the skin leaving some kind of a green hue..

Re: Color Correcting Foundation Primer

SMASHBOX primers don't work for me. 

I don't like the texture on my skin, too slippery/oily initially; even worse after it has had time to absorb.


Re: Color Correcting Foundation Primer

I agree. 

and with how much silicones are in there, I'm not impressed with either of the staying power and pore diffusing/smoothing out of the skin abilities.. 

Re: Color Correcting Foundation Primer

I use the elf lavender primer because I have a yellow undertone, and it really helps with brightening my face, the problem is there's not a lot of product, it costs around 6 dollars plus tax.


Here's some definitions for the other primers they provide. 

Tone Adjusting Green is ideal for minimizing redness and correcting blotchy skin.
Brightening Lavender is ideal for uneven skin tones and to brighten dull or yellow tones.
Radiant Glow is ideal for creating a luminizing effect on dark spots and uneven skin tones.

I don't know if that helps with what you were asking but this is my favorite primer brand to use since I found it. 

It's also lightweight, and because of that I don't feel like I have a 1lb of primer and foundation on my face. Smiley Happy 

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It sounds like your color correcting primer doesn't slip or move after absorption and you're able to apply your foundation for the desired effect.


Are you using a sheer to medium coverage foundation as well? 







Re: Color Correcting Foundation Primer

Most of my foundations are medium coverage, I like some of my beauty marks to show through. It works beautifully with my YSL Touche Eclat!!!

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