Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation?

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   I've just been watching some youtube videos on foundations (I don't know why I can never have enough foundations) but someone mentioned that the Mat Lumiere from Chanel is really great. 

I've tried their Vital Lumiere aqua but didn't like it too much.. don't know why but they just didn't feel like it was the best thing for my skin.. 


Chanel counters are a bit intimidating for some reason .. so I want to be sure the foundation is really great before I go and try them...  Smiley Sad 


I have combination skin, yellow based light skin with hyperpigmentations 


I usually love matte foundations but some of them makes my face look really flat, while others that I love (MUFE mat velvet plus or lancome 24H) don't have my color 

Re: Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation?

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The mat lumiere along with pro is actually being discontinued, it's just taking longer to be phased out.  The perfection lumiere velvet is replacing both 

Re: Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation?

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Thank you! 

I really didn't know that... 

I've just been reading reviews at makeup alley and people are mentioning that it gives them white heads..

I would want to give them a chance if beauty insiders here could say otherwise about it.. just because Chanel is a high end brand whose... supposed to use better ingredients 

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