Can BB creams be used under foundation?

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I was wondering, can a BB cream replace my moisturizer AND primer? And if so, can I use it prior to applying my foundation (I use makeupforever HD foundation)? Let me know what BB creams you guys would suggest in this case!


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Re: Can BB creams be used under foundation?

I use Smashbox's BB cream and use a bit of Estee Lauder double wear foundation on areas where I need a bit more coverage. Sometimes I use extra moisturizer, but I can usually get away with just using those two. I may not repurchase Smashbox BB cream because of the price though. It DID last me about 5 months. Hope this helps Smiley Happy

Re: Can BB creams be used under foundation?

I have actually mixed my Smashbox BB cream and Makeup Forever hd foundation, and it has worked well (for in a hurry). I don't use an additional moisturizer, but the Smashbox BB claims to moisturize, prime, protect, etc.. It seems moisturizer would be overkill for the oily areas of my combo skin, though. I have also used BB cream under powder foundations like Bare Minerals and Urban Decay, and they seem to stay much longer.

Re: Can BB creams be used under foundation?

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That is a great question. I think that you can wear a BB cream underneath your foundation however, I wouldn't use it in replace of a moisturizer. A BB cream will have added skincare benefits to your skin and will help improve the over all texture over time. Some people feel that they might want to not wear a BB cream and a foundation because it might feel a bit too heavy on your skin. I think it all depends on personal preference!

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Re: Can BB creams be used under foundation?

I like Dr. Jart's BB Cream.  I use it over my primer for my foundation.  I get enough coverage from it, so I don't use anything else.  It also provides enough moisturizer for me during the summer, but not enough during the winter so I have to use a moisturizer too.  I have fair skin with pink undertones, so I know not all BB Creams will provided enough coverage to use them alone for eveyone. 

Re: Can BB creams be used under foundation?

I use a BB team. Der my foundation and skip primer, but I always use my favorite moisturizer first. I find they just don't give enough moisturizer, and that goes for a tinted moisturizer as well...I always have to use moisturizer.

Re: Can BB creams be used under foundation?

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BB creams are essentially a tinted moisturizer with extra bennies such as spf, anti-aging, soothing, brightening, etc...different bb creams may have different benefits. They can be used without primer and depending on your skin type you may or may not have to use a daily moisurizer underneath the BB cream - in the summer I can skip using moisturizer since my BB cream is hydrating enough but in the winter I do have to use moisturizer since my skin gets very dry.  I don't think that a bb cream would be used to replace primer and moisturizer and be layered under foundation...I feel like it would be too much.


I use the Too Faced BB cream on days where I want a little more coverage than a tinted moisturizer provides.  It goes on smooth, is very light weight, and provides a glowing, radiant finish.  

Re: Can BB creams be used under foundation?

ALL BB creams also works as a primer, but for moisturizing you have to check if the one your pretending to buy has hydrating properties

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