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Really looking for a new make up brush mainly for bronzer & blush. My current one is fallin apart and before im left with only bristles and and a stick I need to get a new one!

I need on that will hopeully last longer and do a better job. Also any tips for keeping my brushes intact for longer????




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Hi Vallstar-


Natural bristles brushes do tend to naturally shed a bit more quickly. I could not agree more with the previous post. I always lay my brushes flat to dry. If you leave them to dry standing up, all of the water goes to the base of the brush and that could damage the glue that holds the bristles together. I also suggest the Sephora Collection Classic Bronzer Brush #44. It works so well with bronzer and powder!


SEPHORA COLLECTION - Classic Bronzer Brush #44

<3 Melissa

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Also, the quality of your brush counts, if you use natural hair, check for sable or squirrel hair. I avoid boar bristles which are more coarse. Nylon and taklon fibers are great synthetics that are softer and not abbrasive.


Brands like MAC, Smashbox, and Studio Gear make some great brushes. For synthetics, I like Urban Decay, Too Faced, and E.L.F. Studio.


Crown Brushes also has great variety packs for great prices!


Re: Brushes!!!

When you wash them, make sure you let them dry horizontally.  If you just throw them back in a cup (vertically, bristles up)  the water works its way down to the glue, which softens it and loosens bristles. I leave mine to dry on the edge of the sink so air can circulate all around.

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