Bottom Line: Best Cheek Color Shade in the World

No matter what your skin tone is, it's hard to find "the one".  They're either too red, too orange, or oxidize like crazy.  Personally, and with fair skin, Tarte's "Exposed" is just the most perfect neutral.  But, I can see where Ebony shades of skin would just look washed out with it.


So, after years and years of holding shades up in the light at the store, trying shades bought at the counter and only to find it really didn't look that good in normal conditions, I do believe I've found it.


Bobbi Brown's "Pale Pink".  Oh my lawd, it's amazing!  In the pan, it looks like a raspberry/hot pink.  I'm extremely fair complected, so just 1 single dab of my brush into it gives me just enough for the apples of my cheeks and swept into my hairline.  GORGEOUS.  Makes your skin look youthful, healthy, and alive.  Doesn't change colors, lasts all day.  In fact, I've read it's Bobbi's personal favorite to use on all her models and looks, especially on the apples even if she's using another shade for the cheekbone.


As for its use-up rate, I've had this tiny pan in my 500 point VIB bonus since the fall, and I've just barely pushed off the imprint left by manufacturing.  


AMAZING stuff!

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