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I recently learned that although I'm chinese with yellow looking skin, I can have different undertones. When compared with other people in photos, sometimes I look slightly green and so I think I am light-medium olive-neutral D: Does that make sense? I have red .. ness.. showing on my right cheek but I seriously need a blush because I'm the type NOT TO FLUSH and I hate how no one can tell if I'm embarrassed or mad or anything.. all in all I don't seem girly Smiley Sad

My skin has become a tiny bit combination after I switched up my cleansing routine. Oilyish tzone, dry patches near eyebrows and above my lip (I have eczema) but normal otherwise.

Anyways I am looking for a matte blush - between tarte amazon clay blush and tarina tartarantino and thebalm.

\blushes I had in mind - thebalm down boy / tarte exposed, dollface, tipsy or blissful or amused/tarina charm or napoleon? (which seems too brown maybe) - the sephora near me didn't have any tarina for me to look at and all the exposed were gone Smiley Sad 

Main point ! I don't want any shimmer! Definitely no glitter! > < this guy friend I had pointed out my face looked sparkly one day (I was in the sun.. > < ) I hope to get answers so I can buy things before the sale ends since I'm in Canada and sales never happen. Thank you!

On a side note: This is the first time I'm venturing into higher end items - I always went for drugstore, so there is no way I can tell you what shade I am because I do not go into MAC either.. : ( If it helps any I can use maybellines concealor in cream for my undereye area, and BB creams fit me okay so I think I might be mac nc25-30 ? since its not summer and I don't seem that dark -- if I was nc 30-35 i think the covergirl lip perfection in delish would match me but its too dark. So i assume I'm not that dark. Sorry for the long post once again thanks for answering if you do : ) !   

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I don't usually wear blushes with sparkles or ones that have shimmer to them other than NARS - Orgasm.


The ones that I love that are matte are :  


Bobbi Brown - Tawny

NARS - Penny Lane

Korres - Athens ( I think they repackaged and came out with new colors, however, Korres blushes are great!)

Tarte Amazonion Clay - Exposed, Dollface


I hope that helps! 

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I would definitely recommend the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush. These blushes are matte and last pretty much all day! All the Tarte colors you mentioned are beautiful. I also love all NARS blushes.  Although if you decide on the NARS be careful at which one(s) you choose because some of them do have shimmer. Good luck! Smiley Happy

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: ) I actually got blissful and exposed today -- I think I like blissful > exposed. exposed doesn't really add anything to my face : ( I was quite disappointed because my expectations rose so high after watching and reading reviews on it! It's not bad but it needs a lot to show up on my face and I'm pretty sure I'm around jen from frmheadtotoe's skincolor. 

Perhaps it's my blush. Ecotools blush brush. But I also tried with a QUO bronzer/stippling brush and there wasn't any difference lol. any tips? Do you have any of the tarte blushes? : )

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I really love Lancome's Blush Subtil delicate oil-free powder blush.

Also NARS makes some really nice blushes if you can find a shade that works for you.


Good luck with your search!


<3 Heidi

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nars seem a bit too sparkly but thanks. 
hmm... lancome. do you have any favorite shades to share? : )  

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One of my favourite blushes is from lancome.
Its called Sheer Amourose. It gives you just the right amount of colour without looking fake or like its just too much.
As for the NARS blushes, they do have sparkles which at first I was weary about BUT, after buying it in Orgasm.
I realized, it gave my cheeks a bit of a glow as well as some colour.
But I would deffinitely try Lancome Blush in Sheer Amourose.
It looks a tiny bit dark in the package, but it goes on perfectly. Not too light and not too dark!

Hope I've helped!

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