Blending foundation into the hairline

Hi! I'm having hard time blending my foundation into my hairline and brows too. I've tried many different foundations but I cant work all of them into my hairline. The rest of the face is turned out to be even and pretty but around the hairline and my brows foundation doesn't blend well and end upgathering creating a mess. Sometimes it's not very visible but I still don't like it.

I'm currently using Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer but I also use my Lancome Tent Miracle and Rimmel Long Lasting foundations from time to time.

If somebody can share tips and tricks to foundation blending it would be very helpful.

Re: Blending foundation into the hairline

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Hi! Definatly investing in good brushes is the key to having flawless makeup. Not to mention having a great primer to smooth the skin underneath. I use the Makeup Forever HD foundation with the sephora professional foundation airbrush #56. IT WORKS WONDERS! I never have lines or anything the brush just smooths over everything and blends all around my face perfectly. Around my hairline and neckline. You will love it! Brushes are a great way to make your make up last a lot longer and give you that flawless look to where it looks like you are not even wearing make up! Hope this helps!



Re: Blending foundation into the hairline

People use different things to apply make up... Brushes, sponges and fingers. You can use any of these to apply your foundation. You shouldn't have to blend your make up in too much if you have the correct shade. Putting make up in your hairline/eyebrows is only going to look cakey no matter what color you use because hair is not a smooth surface like your skin.

Re: Blending foundation into the hairline

Hi Bdmakeupaddict.  If you have a foundation that matches your skin, you shouldn't need to blend it into your hairline and you should avoid your brow area. If you do need to blend it into your hairline a sponge, like the beautyblender, is going to be easiest to work with. Make sure you are using a small amount, so it is easier to control and will be less likely to cake. If you need coverage around your brows, I would recommend applying a bit of concealer since it is a smaller area and the concealer will be easier to control.


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