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I'm an amateur photographer, I'm looking to get into make up so I can do my clients makeup and not hire anyone. I can do my makeup pretty well. I want to find some makeup that I can buy and use on my clients that have a variety of shades and that also photographs well. I was leaning towards MUFE HD foundations, I use that and I love it. But if anyone knows of any others that are good I would like to know. It can be makeup you get in sephora, Mac, other stores and drugstores.

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I would recommend makeup forever Hd foundation. Smashbox is also a great brand.  Either one has a lot of makeup that will look  good in photos. Good luck!


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I'm not a make-up artist or a photographer but I have heard some good things about how to have good make up in pictures. First off you are spot on with MUFE hd foundation. That's probably the best option. Also, always use a primer especially if you're doing outside pictures in like the summer. Good options for that is Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Use matte eye shadows. A little shimmer would probably be okay, but you don't really want the light to hit right one there and make a big shine across the face. And I would also use a bronzer and a blush, and try contouring! Another good option would be to use a finishing powder also! Hope this helps you kal3ido!


Photo Finish Foundation Primer


HD Microfinish Powder


Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo

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Hi kal3ido,


I couldn't agree more with what you and krm07 have already discussed. Try to stick with HD products whenever you can since they are specifically designed for photos and videography. There are several different brands that we carry that specialize in photo products including Make Up For Ever and Smashbox.


When I do makeup for shoots I typically like to stick to shadows and blushes that are matte because they typically photograph better; however I find that adding a bit of illuminator to the high points of a model's face to be really flattering, for a healthy looking glow. I would highly recommend using a setting spray, especially if you are going to be shooting for long periods of time, this will keep the touch ups minimal.


All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray




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