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I want to spend some money on makeup brushes, my budget is $300, please specify with numbers, i wanna try Hakuhudo and other japanese brands, but was confused, i need all brushes in 300, atleast minimum brushes i use, like foundation,powder,blush, contouring, eye liner, eye brow, blending, eye shadow,smudge, concealer, kabuki, lip brush, etc. 


Remaining other more than 300, i want to buy next month, so suggest me some gooood brushes, i have sensitive skin.

Re: Best Makeup brushes help

For eye brushes from wayne goss - 19 (crease), 18 (lid), 6 (defined crease), 3 (crease - larger eyes) 


For eye brushes from hakuhodo - j5523 (love!! - sigma e25, Mac 217 dupe) , j5522 (larger crease) , j5533 (crease) , j004g (lid, Mac 239 dupe) , g5548 (pencil ) , j142 (crease), & the only face brush I currently have j4003 (angled )


eye liner gel - ly 24/24a , Mac 210 

eye brow - anastasia 7.  For more precision #12


blush - bobbi brown 


these are my favorites. I still have others in my list to get , I want to try a haku blush brush and maybe wayne goss. 

Re: Best Makeup brushes help

The Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush is my holy grail liquid foundation brush. You can find it at Nordstrom or the official Louise Young site. It'll set you back about $41 USD plus taxes, but I think it's worth it.

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Wayne goss brushes (sold on Beautylish)! I love him and the brushes...he really tries to make the products for the people not the money. They're made in Japan so bonusI love them and his kit The Essentials basically has the...basics lol. They do cost 210 for the set so you'll have money left over to get brushes you would like that weren't included or you can splurge on some more expensive brushes...I recommend Tom Ford, Hakuhodo, Suqqu, etc. They really are worth it, but you can always use sigma and mac (i like mac better than sigma though) if you want to get good quality brushes that are a little more reasonable. Anyways, do checkout the japanese and tom ford ones because they're amazing and worth the big price tag.

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