Best Foundation For Super Sensitive/Dry Skin?

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Hi there,


I was wondering if someone could recommend a good foundation that isn't too heavy and is great for super dry/sensitive skin. The last actual foundation I used was Dream Matte Mousse by Maybelline and it completely wrecked my face. Previously I was using CG NatureLuxe and that had a tendency to flake off and made my face itchy. Currently I'm using a very good tinted moisturizer by Clinique. I know Clinique offers a wide variety of foundations, I'm just not sure which would be the best for me. I'm willing to spend a little more to have a nice flawless look. Not too heavy, natural looking. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Side note - I tend to be quite fair.


Re: Best Foundation For Super Sensitive/Dry Skin?

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hi dear, not sure about what kind of coverage u desire butfor my sensitive skin CLINIQUE ALMOST POWDER is a must for everyday look!

Is light, natural but covers well and make my face uniform, dont dry and dont let my skin becames oily, plus have a sunscreen!

For night outs or more cover I use MUFE HD and never had any problem! For me MAC studio fix is vary irritating, I dont like it at all!

Other one that I use for more cover and I REALLY LOVEEEE with all my heart is shiseido PURENESS POWDER! wonderfull, full cover, natural, powder and foundation in 1, spf, oil control, not dry, lasts, great for sensitive...

I love!

good luck!


Re: Best Foundation For Super Sensitive/Dry Skin?

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Hi Spooksshowdame,


Those are all great recommendations!:smileyhappy:


I would agree with the previous post that you should try the Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15 with Probiotic Technology  because it is formulated for clients with sensitive skin.  This product is made with probiotics, to sooth sensitive skin and will feel hydrating to the skin.

Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15 with Probiotic Technology

<3 Melissa

Re: Best Foundation For Super Sensitive/Dry Skin?

If you are super fair, I would get a sample of the clinique and see if it gives you an orange tint or not.  It always made me noticeably orange even in the lightest shade.  I also found it not to be very lightweight at all.


Always moisturize prior to using any face makeup.  That should help with the dryness. 


If you like the TM, adding a concealer to that might achieve that lightweight semi-flawless natural look.  Look for ones with a creamier consistency to prevent it from being cakey on dry skin. A step above might just even be adding a primer prior to the TM. 


Could also do a BB cream with a concealer and see if that achieves the natural look. 


But if you really want to find a foundation though, Lancome and MUFE HD tend not to feel heavy on the face.  If you are near a Sephora, ask for samples.  1-2 pumps should be all you need.  I've heard of LORAC being decent for sensitive skin but I personally have not tried that one myself. 


And remember, what is best for you will probably be a round of trial and error. 


Best of luck!


Re: Best Foundation For Super Sensitive/Dry Skin?

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I love the Urban Decay Tinted Moisturizer, not cakey @ all


Re: Best Foundation For Super Sensitive/Dry Skin?

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I have the same type of skin as you and I've been using Lancome Tint Illuminating Foundation for a while now without any problems at all. It's a sheer Foundation and stays on all day. The price is good. I think I paid $32 for the bottle and I've been using the same one for about 6 mths. every day. I have fair skin and I use N4 which blends great. Maybe you can get a sample at the Lancome counter or Sephora and try it out. I think you will be pleased with the results.




Re: Best Foundation For Super Sensitive/Dry Skin?

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I love Clinique's Redness Solutions Makeup. I'm really fair too, and I got Alabaster, the lightest shade offered. It may not be exactly fair as I am, but it warms up my complexion without looking orange or like I'm wearing any makeup at all. It's creamy I guess, and blends really seamlessly. It's not drying nor is it oily. Great for concealing redness as the name suggests. I don't really use concealer anymore! I'm sure Clinique's new foundation "Even Better Makeup" would be suitable too. It says it's great for age spots, and reviews seem to suggest it's slightly more dewy than the one I have, but still "oil-free." The Even Better kind has the shade "Linen" too, which is even lighter than Alabaster, which might be an exact match since Alabaster is pretty close to perfect. I've heard wonderful things about Nars Sheer Glow (youtube has plenty of reviews) too but Clinique is way cheaper.

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