Becca shimmering skin perfector as primer?

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   I'm just wondering if it is appropriate to use the Shimmering skin perfecter from Becca as a primer. 

I went to Nordstrom the other day and the lady recommended the Burberry Fresh glow as a primer for my dry combination skin. 

But I already have the Becca shimmering perfecter which I thought does the same things Burberry Fresh glow does. 


I use Nars sheer glow and Bare minerals interchangeably these days with a brush. I sometimes use Guerlain parure de lumiere. 

would the primer give velvety enough finish to help the powder foundation especially go on smoothly without clumping? 


Is it pore diffusing and oil controlling enough for dry combination skin? or is Becca just meant for highlighting?

Re: Becca shimmering skin perfector as primer?

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I've used the liquid Becca shimmer as a base before liquid foundation. It gave a natural glow, and I'm oily combo. As for helping foundation stay on longer, didn't notice a difference that I remember.

Re: Becca shimmering skin perfector as primer?

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Thank you for your input! 


I didn't notice its texture or stickiness because I always mixed it in with my foundation 

but I think from swatching it, its a bit sticky even for my dry combination skin.. 

Re: Becca shimmering skin perfector as primer?

If you want my personal opinion, I'd mix the Becca shimmering skin perfector WITH a primer, and not use it alone. I can't imagine it being a good base on it's own, I don't think it would prolong the wear of your foundation or make it go on any smoother. I think the shimmer in it alone would also be a bit too much. But if you combine it with another primer, you would still get the glow you want!


I'm in love with my Becca shimmering skin perfector in Moonstone and have actually been meaning to try this. Maybe I'll use this as inspiration for myself. Thanks Smiley Happy and remember, it's just my opinion, you can wear makeup however you darn please.

Re: Becca shimmering skin perfector as primer?

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Thank you for your opinion Smiley Happy 


I actually got a sample of the Fresh glow from Burberry to compare yesterday and found that the Becca one was significantly thicker and stickier.. Smiley Sad 

so I don't think it can work as a primer Smiley Sad 

I'll just finish up my shimmering skin perfector and buy something else that can double function Smiley Happy 

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