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Until today, I never knew that there was a difference in the beauty blenders other than the colors. 😩😩😩


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I agree, I was in a store the other day and the SA told me there was no difference between the colors.


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That's odd. I have all three & I really don't feel any difference. The only thing I will say about the "Black Pro" is that it doesn't look nasty stained like the pink or white. I prefer to use the Black BB only for clients since it's color is made to not show foundation/product stain.


I just double checked all three of brand new BB's in the colors because I have a lot! 

I'm in my guest bedroom which is my make-up product room right now with my laptop, going back & forth to the sink.


I used brand new BB's for this test I'm doing right now.

They feel exactly the same, swell up the exact same size in a bowl of water, holds/releases water exactly the same.  

Now, they just have to dry!


Maybe BB changed the product? 


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I think this is marketing talk for justifying buying one of each, even though the only difference is color. White for sensitive types means there's no dye and its for skincare cause color products will stain it, black for color products because the stain won't show.


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I agree.  I don't think there is any other difference.


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Completely agree, I own a few different colors and find that they are exactly the same in terms of application. Haven't had any sensitivity to the ones with color, although I haven't had any issues with dye in the past.


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Agreed, the only difference is the color.


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I agree, but of course I have only owned the Pink. :smileyhappy:

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