BB or CC creams which is better for mature skin

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I am 63 and have good skin for my age. I live in Florida, so I need SPF. What is the difference between a BB cream and a CC cream? Which might work better for me.

Re: BB or CC creams which is better for mature skin

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Beauty balms or blemish balms are often referred to as BB creams in the beauty world and originated to tackle a variety of skin matters. Most BBs are the market help prime/prep skin, provide a partial ability to cover like a concealer, and even out skin tone like a foundation. Certain BBs are also infused with ingredients to combat and treat break outs and keep skin clear.


Color corrector or complexion corrector balms are the new wave and referred to as CC creams. CC creams do essentially what BB creams do, but they are also more geared to target things like unevenpigmentation and uneven skin tone, fortified with brightening ingredients.


Though several cosmetic brands have sprung up recently and are on board with the BB and CC cream craze, it's important to do your research and seek product knowledge on items to be sure they're best geared for your needs.


Of course BB and CC creams won't replace your concealer/foundation entirely, if you're looking for a full coverage, very made up look you're better sticking to traditional make up items, but BB and CC creams do offer a great middle ground for folks who like the light weight texture of tinted moisturizers, but want a step up in terms of coverage but maybe not as much as a full foundation.


Since you live in Florida and need SPF, but also mentioned your age, check into some BB or CC creams from skin care lines that way they're more fortified with skin care benefits rather than being just more of a "cosmetic" grade product from regular beauty brands.


Dr. Jart, Clinique, and Peter Thomas Roth make some excellent BB and CC creams. If you are looking for more of a cosmetic grade BB or CC, check out Smashbox or Tarte.


Sephora's also put together a great guide for finding your perfect BB or CC cream!!&pageSize=60&sortBy=-1&categoryId=cat960031?searchTerm=cc%20cream&_...

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