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Hey ladies, any suggestions for BB creams? I kind of want something with a little more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, but lighter than a foundation. My skin is a little sensitive and is prone to dry patches. Thanks in advanced! 


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The Nars one that is sometimes called a TM but is labeled and just came out as a BB cream will give you as much coverage almost as a med foundation.  And it is for dry skin.  I am not on the BB "wagon" as I think they are just TM's that are cakey, tried Nars and Smashbox.  I just wear a sheer foundation if I want coverage and LM TM if I do not need much coverage.  Why not go with a sheer foundation instead?  This BB cream hype will be so over very soon, there is nothing in the brands we get here in the US that is better than a TM.


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Based on your sensitive skin and the dry patches, the Smashbox BB Cream is probably not the best choice. It is built more for oily/combination skin.  I would suggest you try the Too Faced Beauty Balm. It is built for all skin types, offers a decent amount of coverage and promotes radiant skin. It has a beautiful soft finish that you can set with powder or leave it by itself. Hope this helps. 

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I bought the smash box when it firs came out and it's fabulous. Mi guess it depends on what your looking for. The sephora rep really recommended it to me. It's a time saver.

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I'm using Dr. Jart 45+ right now and really like it.  There are so many out right now - start with Garnier ($15 at Target) and see if you like it.  Or, if you are close to a Sephora, pop in for several samples to get a flavor of the tints and textures.  I have pretty much stopped using foundation after switching to the BB.  



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so far i've only tried smashbox's enough to say that if you have some dry skin i think you shouldn't use it - it does provide a bit more coverage i feel, but it not only gave me bumps on my one cheek but also dried out some patches of my skin.


i've also tried too faced's bb cream, though not enough to give you all the info, but i don't think, in terms of coverage, it gives enough. 


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dr jart is great for dry skin! try misshas bb cream! it's not sold at sephora but also really good for dry skin! also try lioele! Misshas is the only brand of bb cream that does carry darker shades.


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Stila stay All Day 10-in-1 would be great for you!


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