BB Cream for Crazy Skin

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I just ran out of my favorite foundation, but summer is approaching so I want to find something lighter to use. I figured I'd try a BB cream since I've heard so many people loving theirs, but I have no idea how to pick one. I have dry combination skin with a T zone that can't seem to decide if it's oily or flakey or both. I want something that won't dry me out but won't make me greasy either. I have acne and some scarring so I'd like medium coverage as well. That's not all, folks. I have the palest skin I have ever seen on a human being. Honestly, my skin is so pale that I'm called "the Tan Enhancer." How am I supposed to find one that is pale enough for Snow White if she didn't have perfect princess skin?

Re: BB Cream for Crazy Skin

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You should take a look at Smashbox's CC cream.  It helps get rid of hyperpigmentation cause by acne and it's a lighter cream.  They have some in lighter shades.  I have oily skin and it worked fine for me but the color was all wrong.  They don't have a good selection in the deeper range but they're better in lighter ones. 

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