6 Random Questions About You!

I think that the random questions threads are so much fun! It also gets a lot of us talking/sharing.


I thought I would start another one just for kicks:


1. What is your favorite blush (brand & color)?

2. Sweet Tooth or Salty savory?

3. Where is your dream living location (if you won the lottery and could live anywhere)?

4. Exfoliator or peel?

5. Favorite TV show?

6. Favorite Lippie (brand & color)?




Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

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This is such a fun post! Hmmm...but now you're asking me to make a decision lol


1. I think I'm going through a cream/gel blush phase so probably Josie Maran Coconut Water Cheek Gelee in Honeymoon Honey or Stila Convertible Color in Peony (I haven't tried other colors yet, though, so if I do I may end up liking another more!)

2. I really love alternating both, BUT I guess if I have to choose...sweet tooth

3. Hmm I love living in New England, but I haven't really traveled much, so when I finally get out to the West Coast maybe I'll change my mind.

4. Exfoliator (does anyone here have Birchbox and if so, did anyone get the Suki exfoliating cleanser?? I'm kind of obsessed...)

5. New Girl, Once Upon a Time, How I Met Your Mother, So You Think You Can Dance (okay, so maybe that's not just one...)

6. For a balm I like the original Sugar Fresh Lip Treatment. For a color product, I just recently tried the Givenchy Le Rouge and it's pretty fantastic.


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

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(#4) I did! Haven't tried it yet though, I'll bump it up on my list of things to try :smileyhappy:


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

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1. I love Korres Cheek Butter in Philia Rose. SO pretty!

2. Sweet tooth mostly, but I get sick of it fast and go back to salty.

3. Spain or Morocco!


4. Exfoliator. Peels burn my skin :smileysad:

5. Game of Thrones

6. Regular old Blistex. I love the smell!


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

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1. Heat by The Sun (seriously, I don't need blush right now my cheeks gets so red it's getting out of control) but on special occasions I've been reaching for Dolce Vita by Nars.

2. Sweet Tooth. Most definitely sweet tooth.

3. Paris - I'm certain waking up in Paris is just like waking up in Heaven.

4. Peel. I don't know what it is but just peeling it off makes me feel like a whole new woman.

5. Real Housewives. Bad Girls Club. Catfish. Keepin' up w/the Kardashians. (yes, I said it) :smileywink:

6. Currently it's MAC-Flamingo




Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

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1. No blush for me..I have very rosy cheeks naturally and ivory skin so I have a flushed look already. Blush looks kinda foolish on me.


2. Sweet and salty at one time.



3. Ireland! Even though it's probably more exciting in my head than real life :/ 


4. Exfoliate St Ives Apricot.  I don't peel, it just burns and hurts and I just can'


5. If I can only choose 1...Big bang theory.  I love those nerds!


6. Any lip!  I am a lip junkie!  But right now I am loving my Dior lip plump in...oh I don't remember the color name! It's peachy pinkish


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

1 - NARS "Sex Appeal"

2 - Sweet and Salty.  Think salted caramels or chocolate covered pretzels.

3 - Where is it 70 degrees all year long?  I want to live there.

4 - Glam Glow Super Mud.  It's a mud mask but it's chunky so it exfoliates as you rinse it off.

5 - Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire

6 - Impossible to answer.


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

Favorite blush....Nars Orgasm

Fav sweet tooth...chocolate and peanut butter.  Im not a salty kind of person

Living location...any beach

No real fav peel

Fav TV show...Scandal by all means, beats out Greys Anantomy

Lippie...I have so many, no way can I narrow it down


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

1. What is your favorite blush Illamasqua Lover

2. Sweet Tooth or Salty savory? Salty!

3. Where is your dream living location Hawaii

4. Exfoliator or peel? Peel

5. Favorite TV show? Shark Tank

6. Favorite Lippie (brand & color)? Nars Matte Bolero - pink cantaloupe


<3 Melissa

Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

1.  Tarte's Exposed or Benefit's Dandelion (tie)

2.  Neither.

3.  Maui or England

4.  Neither.  Does an enzymatic mask count?

5.  Downton Abbey

6. YSL's Pink in Devotion


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

1.  Benefit Coralista

2.  Both?

3.  I think mafan is on to something

4.  Exfoliator

5.  Brit Coms and Masterpiece Mystery

6.  Too Faced La Creme in Cougar


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

1. I'm awful at picking favorites! But I'd have to go with Illamasqua Hussy - a gorgeous bright coral pink or Benefit Posietint cheek stain- a natural petal pink. 


2. Definitely a sweet tooth. Always have to have some dark chocolate! But not too sweet- I''m not a fain of white chocolate.


3. I live in NYC and I don't think I'd want to live anywhere else! Except maybe Paris...


4. Exfoliator but I've never tried a peel.


5. Castle & Gossip Girl (so sad it's over) are definitely my top 2. 


6. Well right at this moment I'm loving the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 27 Juicy Papaya. I don't know if I have an all-time favorite lip color. I guess that means I should buy more lippies!


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

1) Sephora microsmooth baked trio in sweet.

2) Both

3) Probably San Diego, but only if I could convince my family to come.  Otherwise I'm happy where I am (MA) because of the fam.

4) Exfoliator 

5) I know it's ancient but I will always love Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

6) Benefit extra plush lip gloss in Dallas


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

I like this, how fun! :smileyhappy:


1. What is your favorite blush (brand & color)? I love NARS blushes! I like a lot of their shades but I guess the most worn one would be Gaiety. I tend to go for pinker blushes rather than peachy ones.
2. Sweet Tooth or Salty savory? I have a sweet tooth, but I don't like things very sugary... it's hard to explain lol. I like to eat things that are sweet like chocolate chip cookies for example, but I don't like them if they're overly sweet. I always add half the sugar/sweetener or less in recipes.
3. Where is your dream living location (if you won the lottery and could live anywhere)? I;d love to live in california! I've never been to the west coast and I want to go so bad.
4. Exfoliator or peel? Exfoliator I guess.. I do love ExfoliKate!
5. Favorite TV show? The Vampire Diaries is my obsession! I LOVE Damon haha
6. Favorite Lippie (brand & color)? This is hard... I love a lot of different lipsticks/stains. My all-time favorite is probably MUFE Intense in 36 (fuschia... so fun!) but my most worn is MAC lipstick in Mac red. (sorry sephora!! <3)


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

@xoxcharlottexox  I totally get what you are saying about things being too sweet. I dont like artificial flavors or sweeteners at all. They taste funny/too sweet to me. I also do the 1/2 sugar in recipes!!  


Vampire Diaries rocks. My head was spinning after the season finale.


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

@roxystar4 Ahhh me too!! I want it to start back up again already! I'm also excited to watch The Originals :smileyhappy:


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

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@ xoxcharlottexox  Do you know if the first episodes are available for that series?  I totally forgot about it! I want Klaus & Caroline to get together!


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

1)Favorite blush is Lovejoy by Nars

2)I have a wicked sweet tooth

3)If I could live anywhere, it would be either Dublin, Ireland or Las Vegas, NV


5)TV Show...  Deadly Women on ID

6)Favorite lippie... Right now it's Viva Glam 3 by MAC


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

1. Favorite blush- Dior in Passion Fruit

2.Sweet Tooth- Peanut M&M's

3. Dream Place to live- Bora Bora

4. Exfoliator

5. Favorite TV Show- Any of the Real Housewives show

6. Favorite Lippie- YSL any color


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

1. What is your favorite blush (brand & color)? Sephora Harmony blush, but I've got my eye on Nars Orgasm.
2. Sweet Tooth or Salty savory? Both! but maybe a little more salty savory.
3. Where is your dream living location (if you won the lottery and could live anywhere)? London
4. Exfoliator or peel? I go back and forth
5. Favorite TV show? Mad Men
6. Favorite Lippie (brand & color)? Buxom lip polish in Starr


Re: 6 Random Questions About You!

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1. YSL BLUSH RADIANCE - Radiant Blush #6 (such a pretty pink flush, looks great with bronzer and/ or a tan)


2. Both!


3. Bolinas, CA (typically rent a cottage there 2x a year)


4. That's a tough Algenist's Multi-Perfecting Detoxifying Exfoliator, also love a fruit enzyme peel I get from my friend...tbh I don't exfoliate enough!


5. The now cancelled (thank you very much HBO) The Life and Times of Tim...from what's still on now/ coming in fall, Curb Your Enthusiasm (also love Nurse Jackie, got into that late).


6. This is like picking a favorite child...for color color and not my normal gloss or tint (minimalist), my favorite lipstick is Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Vesuvio (true red, looks good on everyone)..I use a nude lipliner underneath that has a slight pink undertone, which changes this shade a little...but it increases the wear time/ hold/ prevents bleeding, and is a lot easier to work with than a red lipliner (impossible to match to your lipstick usually and look weird for touch ups)!


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