why does liquid foundation explode in airplanes?

I have always wondered why so. I have always heard of that happening to people a lot and i never understand why. it has never happened to me and i have traveled with liquid foundations in squeeze tubes before. just for protection, how can i prevent this? of course i can put the tube in a ziploc so it won't get all over but can i do something so that the foundaton won't explode at all? thanks

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It have something to do with air pressure/gravity/altitude stuff (my science is a bit rusty). I had lotion and lip gloss exploding on me before. It's sort of similar to how normally when you open a bottle of water it's fine but if it's been in the freezer then when you try to open it, the non-frozen liquid splashes out.


The gist is stuff expand, so if the lotion/lipgloss is blocking the opening, when you open the cap, that's what's spilling out. Basically just tap your squeeze tube or jar so when you open the cap, air is let out first, then do your thing.

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I travel quiet a bit for work and definitely find that the foundations that explode a lot are the squeeze tube ones. Because of the altitude and the material that holds the products, squeeze tubes expand easily. This then causes them to have a lot of pressure and explode.


What works best for me are glass-like containers that come in pumps versus twiss off. I also started carrying my foundation onto the plane as a sure proof too.


Hope that helps.

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I cant tell you the number of times my Clinique Even Better liquid foundation I carry in my purse will explode when I open it. I do have to keep it in a small pouch, but its not so much exploding during transit, but more when I go to open. Its so annoying as more tends to come out than I may need, as Im usually doing a touchup and dont need much, and its all over me somewhere. Id say if it hasnt happened to you, be grateful ;-)
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