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I am going to the midnight premir of batman: the dark knight rises. I am going to dress up as harley quinn which has white face makeup. I was wondering if there was any oil-free, sensative skin friendly white face makeup that won't make my skin break out. Also is there any drugstore under $10 (preferrable $5) black lipstick that is good for dry lips, or even any sephora brands that are just good for dry lips? 


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Manic Panic makes a black lipstick for under ten bucks (usually around $8 or so), but I dont know if all drugstores carry it.  I have seen it at some Walgreen locations on the east coast before but I think its only select stores.  They have it at drugstore dot com if you have time/willing to order it.   You could always layer a lip balm underneath for extra moisture. Have fun at the premiere!





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I'm a HUGE batman fan, I'm super excited to see The Dark Knight Rises and I love Harley Quinn (wish they ended up having her in the movies Smiley Sad ).


Anyway back to getting on topic, Illamasqua has a white liquid foundation which is fair enough to pull off that Harley look. I'd recommend setting it with translucent powder for a more matte texture. For lipsticks I'd recommend Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Intense in Satin Black.


Illamasqua - Rich Liquid Foundation

MAKE UP FOR EVER - Rouge Artist Intense


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Along with the "white" foundations, you can dust matte white eyeshadow on top of any area that needs a bit of coverage or less shine. I used white shadow and black liner last yr for a snow leopard look.


Whatever you do, do NOT ever use the drugstore face paint. I was browsing around Target and picked one up last yr Halloween to look and it says "safe for children" on top, along with a small warning on the bottom "this paint contain small traces of lead." So, yeah...

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Select Sephora doors carry Illamasqua and they have a white pigment foundation. It's also great to mix into foundations to lighten.


Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation-white


For the black lipstick, I would suggest putting a lipbalm under any drug store or sephora brand.


Rosebud Salve

Rosebud Perfume Co. - Rosebud Salvehttp://www.sephora.com/rosebud-salve-P42204


Illamasqua - LipstickIllamasqua Lipstick-Pristine Matte Black


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