white circles under eyes and concealer going into lines

I have super dark under eye circles and when i wear a concealer, in a couple hours i see all of these white dots under my eyes....is there a product that makes that not happen or is there something i should do? also when i wear a concealer it sinks into my under eye lines and looks really bad. again, is there something that i should do or a specific product? thanks.

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Hello there.

Do you by any chance use an eye cream? Using an eyecream really helps out smooth it out and reduce the dark circles. If you can, try Shiesiedo's FUTURE SOLUTION LX Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream or you can try out Dr. Perricone's eyecream kit that goes fro $95 on Sephora.


As for an eye concealer, I reccommend Chanel's Correcteur Long Lasting Concealer. It honestly work. My mother has the darkest circles ever and this does the trick. It looks natural and provides enough coverage. The good part is that it lasts all day.


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