what is the main difference between regular foundation and BB cream?
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 is it just moisturizer? I use Dior Forever foundation and I love it! should I switch to the Dior BB cream? is it same coverage? or less?

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BB Cream feels much lighter on the skin, it is basically a tinted moisturizer. If you don't have significant skin discoloration, I would recommend BB Cream. I have been using one every day for 2 weeks now and it seems like my face color improved a lot.

A regular foundation works the other way around. Yes, it provides good coverage of flaws, but the skin doesn't benefit from its presence.

I was sceptical about BB Creams untill I tried one. Now I'm planning to finish this inexpensive Garnier BB Cream tube and then I'll definitely try something more expensive. Smiley Happy

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Think of BB cream as foundation with side bennies like higher SPF, moisturizing, pore minimizer, whitening, firming, depending on the formula you are using.  Coverage is going to depend on the brand and formula.  Some formulas are more moisturizing than others.  One thing to keep in mind, BB creams is also considered makeup, so be sure to cleanse well at night, as it can hang out in your pores and clog them.

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I use Diorskin Forever as well.


Basically, a BB cream is a tinted moisturizer with skin care benefits. It won't offer full coverage like Forever does.

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BB Cream is what you wear when you want to let your skin rest. Whether it be after a chemical peel, sunburn, or it's just simply irritated and you want to be gentle with it; a moisturizer with lots of benefical ingredietst and a hint of tint. I also use Diorskin and Diorskin has more coverage.

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