what is the best powder or foundation for oily skin skin types.

what is the best powder or foundation for oily skin skin types.  I use to have acne but my acne is starting to go away. might have one here and there. I would like to know which product is the best out there.  Looking for good coverage but at the same time looks natural.

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Liquid would probably work better, since you only need a tiny amount versus powder which you slap on your whole face. I suffer from oily skin too girl, and i keep it under control by a  sheer cover of liquid foundation, and a tiny bit of translucent finishing powder ( Makeup forever makes one) I will list the foundations i've been impressed with lately.


1. MAC Prolongwear liquid foundation ( really lasts 15 hours like it claims)

2. Nars sheer matte foundation ( the sheerness will cover your spots just enough, if you need more coverage spot treat w concealer)

3. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation ( lasts a long time hard to break down no cakeyness)

4. Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Plus ( Good stuff for oily skin)

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