what concealer hides broken blood vessels?

what concealer hides broken blood vessels?  I heard ones with a green tint do best.  What can you recommend?.

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i get the impression that you need something that is full coverage. why dont you try Mufe's full cover concealer covers burns, pigmentation and even tatoos! good luck!


Here are some heavy duty concealers that might get the job done:


Benefit Boi-ing: Great coverage but comes in only light, medium and dark.


Makeup Forever Full Coverage: Again great coverage and also waterproof. (Make sure to find the correct shade or else it won't act as "full coverage" - I was mismatched a few times and wasn't happy with the result.)


Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer: If it covers tattoos, I'm sure it can cover broken blood vessels. Also water resistant.


Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer: The brand basically specializes in perfect concealing. Pricey but also comes in smaller travel size.


Hope these help and good luck!

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