the best full coverage ( pressed ) powder foundation?

what is the best full ( complete ) coverage powder foundation, to cover everything ( and i'm not talking about natural look, i just want  all acne spots and scars and redness covered completely ) , long lasting, waterproof, non transferable, in very pale shade ( pink undertone ). usually everything is to dark or to orange/yellow on my skin. my skin used to be oily, but now is more normal with dehydrated/dry t-zone and cheeks, so most of foundations out there ( liquid, powdered, creamy .... ) usually just pronounce those dry areas making them all flakey ( no matter what i do before putting the foundation, what creams, lotions, primers i use, cleansing, exfoliating....tryed so many things, different combos... nothing works ). i'm open to suggestions for good liquid foundation with all charasteristics stated above for powder foundation, but powder one is still the main focus. or maybe combo of both of them? help guys!!!!

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