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Okay, I'm going to try this again. I took a trip to sephora last weekend. I was trying to get makeup help. Im super pale and can never find the right makeup color. So, I went to sephora and I had mixed help from different people. But, I ended up getting smashbox complexion perfection. Also, I have oily acne prone skin and I need coverage. I have scaring and redness. Okay, so I try it and its pretty good. But, by the end of my work day I am an oily sticky mess. When I used a paper towel to blot my face, the makeup started comming off. Last time I was on here I was asking for a set. I was told the hd makeup was good, but when I went to the store they told me smashbox and hd were pretty much the same, it was just what brand you liked better and that smashbox lasted longer. I also noticed, I use the light one for smashbox, and its weird, it still seems too dark when I am oily at least. So, my new question is this.... is there anything else I can try? Also, is there anything that is possibly vegan and good? Is there maybe something other than makeup that helps my oil control and helps my blemishes? Also, Im starting to think that since I cant tan, I should try the lotions or sprays. Is there a cruelty free one? Since I am vegan. What would be the best to look natural and not streaky. Its not just the coverage now, my skin color is just driving me crazy. Help please.
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I have oily skin/acne problems same as you. And have yet to find a good foundation that works for me. But as for the oil control I recently started using Zero Oil face wash from Origins, and It's been working out for me. And that is supposed to be natural. If not that, just using a cleanser or toner with salicylic acid will help to control the oil somewhat.

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