pore fessional

hey i was going to purchase benifits "Pore Fessional", but i am acne prone and have acne scars and dont know if this product will make my acne worse

thanks in advance

Sparkleinthesky <3

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Since it contains silica, it can clog pores. However, it provides a good matte finish. As long as you deep cleanse your skin, you shouldn't have any problems. I hope this helps and good luck!

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I use the POREfessional all the time and I have extremely acne prone skin, with breakouts happening as we speak, however I have never experienced any problems with it! It absorbs quickly into the skin so you won't have the "icky" feeling either with a primer on your face!

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I have issues with acne, and poreFessional has never made me break out...

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As it is an oil-free formula, you shouldn't have to worry about that being an issue with clogging your pores or making your skin any worse.


It's one of my faves for really diminishing the look of pores or any uneven areas due to scars.


Sephora's return policy is really nice so if you buy and try it only to find it's not for you, return it for something else. :smileyhappy:

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