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I cannot find a good concealer! Everything is either too dark, too pale, or too yellow. But I need a fairly extreme concealer that won't cause breakouts because my skin is already a train wreck.

I was thinking about using this MAKE UP FOREVER product because I'm a fan of the brand, but I have no clue how to pick the right shade. I am fairly pale with very pink cheeks and acne around the chin area. Should I just give up and wear a mask? And if you can recommend any other good concealers that are in the same price range, feel free to do so.

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I have red hair, light eyes, and I used to have skin that was difficult to manage too! Pink, pale, with a bunch of break outs. I recommend seeing a dermatologist. The trick is really to stick with the treatment, no matter how long it takes. For me it took months but after using it every day, my skin is almost clear now. If you have insurance coverage for dermatology, I recommend Ziana. If you already have, or are already on an acne treatment. great Smiley Happy


As far as concealer goes, Cargo makes a good one (OneBase Two In One) ($28). Me and all of my friends use it because it's also a good all-over base because it's not cakey at all. They don't sell it at Sephora though. For a thicker concealer, I also recommend trying Boi-ing by Benefit (only $19). It's pretty thick, and if you just conceal what you need, then put powder over the spots, it sets it and works really well. The Make Up Forever product also looks like something worth a try! I might even try that myself. As far as color matching goes for that, trust me, I'm not too good and haven't been too successful with that either. Go to Sephora and ask them if they can do it for you because that usually works. 

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