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What is a good primer for oily skin? I have a super oily t-zone and by 3 hours post application I'm super oily and have to use blotting papers and reapply powder. My cheeks are fairly dry, and I have a lot of redness on them, and some enlarged pores.

I'm not sure of a good skin care regimen either that may help with this?

I wash nightly with Purity Made Simple, and every morning with a Clean & Clear brightening face wash. I try to exfoliate every weekend.

I've tried Too Faced Primed & Poreless, Smashbox Photo Ready Primer, and Laura Mercier primers.     I use Revlon 18 Hour foundation and powder currently but am thinking of switching to Bare Minerals. I'm going to the nearest Sephora store tomorrow for some ideas and new make up but was wanting some opinions from others on what to try as far as primer/foundations.

I like a light-medium coverage and hate that cake feeling.  By the middle of the day the oil buildup makes my face feel VERY cake like and it bothers me so much!

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