nars orgasm would it highlight a tan, olive complexion?

I already own nars orgasm lip gloss....


wondering if nars orgasm in the multiple, orgasm/ laguna bronzer, or nars orgasm illuminator would look good on a medium, olive to caramel complexion..... The illuminator really jumped out at me but some reviews were really negative sounding. The multiple looks good because i could use it on lips as well(i have none of nars multiples but i really want one)..i know laguna duo is like one of the most requested bronzer besides benifit hula(love hula loooooove it to death!) was just wondering if anyone similar to my complexion likes orgasm as a highlight.


i was watching a tutorial by andreaschoice (who is pretty much my idol) and she showed sephora sculpting disk....and i really liekd it so i definately think i am going to try that out.....


any comments?? or suggestions?

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