makeupforever mat velvet looks horrible!!

I just want a good foundation that last and I don't have to worry so much about it!! I'm sick of paying $$$ for stuff that isn't working well. Anyways, I usually use BE matte foundation.  But it doesn't last my 8 hour work day, watch maybe I won't ever find anything that does.


I bought MUFE Mat Velvet..and I love the look as soon as its on but by 12 it starts to wear off and you can see all the foundation down in my pores making them stand out more then they do without any makeup on.  I don't think I cake it on, in the morning it looks perfect.  I'm a redhead but have medium skintone, I notice also that a little pink shows through my makeup durring the day.  On my nose, sides of my nose and my chin.  Does this mean I have pink undertones?


My routinue is: Wash face with Cetaphil, Toner with Dickson's pore toner, moisturize with sephora (sample) ( I don't have a fav. moisturizer I use right now), BE mineral veil, MUFE foundation, BE mineral veil, then I just bought MUFE mist & fix and have tried that but I don't even notice a difference.


Maybe I'm not doing something right, or need some help on what would be best for my skin.  I don't have super oily skin, but I do get a oily T-zone, so I use Urban decay deslick durring the day and it helps.  I just don't want to stress about makeup but I'm super picky about my makeup looking good all day.


Anyone have good tips or know good products that we REALLY work with my skin..might be a long shot but I love a Mat finish that last all day.

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i had the same problem. just stop using it. it's not your skin that's the problem, it's the foundation.


i switched to estee lauder double wear, and that has become my holy grail of foundations. absolutely perfect for oily skin. it lasts about 10 hours on my skin, blotting every now and then.

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