how exactly do you use a bronzer>
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Well, you can use a bronzer in different ways. In the summer, I like to use it instead of blush and I brush it on where I the sun normally colors my face (cheeks, nose, chin, and a tiny bit on my forehead above my eyebrows). In the winter, I use it to contour my face- I put it below the apples of my cheeks and I brush/blend toward my temples. You can then put blush on the apples of your cheeks or use highlighter, which I like to do, to create a dewy effect. Bronzer is great, just make sure you put on a little at a time, it can look too harsh if you have fair skin like me and accidentally put on too much. Hope that helped!

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To use it as bronzer you apply it to the places the sun would naturally hit, forehead, brim of nose, tops of cheeks, and chin.  Use it lightly and get a color that is good for your skin tone, if your light skinned get one for light skin, Clinique Almost Bronzer is great.  Use it lightly and blend, if you have darker skin Hoola by benefit is good, so is laguna bronzer by Nars.

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Bronzer can either warm up your skin tone, or you can contour your cheeks/ temples/ nose/ neckline with it. find a shade that is 2 shades darker than you natural skin tone.

The first technique for applying bronzer is putting it where the sun hits first on your face. Cheeks, forhead, chin, nose and apply the product with a fluffy brush. Before you apply, tap off any excess product, so you wont look fake. 

Here's a great video made by sephora that shows you how to apply bronzer for contouring:


hopw this helps! 


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The most popular use for bronzer is to achieve a warm glow. Look at celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes etc. They all have a really warm glow year round.Matte bronzer works best. I like Too Faced Chocolate Soleil. You just do a light dusting of it for the glow. I use a powder brush. Don't do it all over the face because it will look fake. Maybe put some of your cheeks under blush a little down the nose and sides of the forehead. The second use for bronzer is to contour, or recede areas. Using a bronzer darker than your skintone helps to sculpt and slim the face. Suck in your cheeks and apply in the hollows of the cheekbones for a slimming, more sculpted effect. Use bronzer in this way for areas you dont want to stand out as much, highlighting is the opposite of this, which is used to make parts of the face stand out.

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