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hi guys.. so im sorta new to this makeup thing so i need some expert advice. Can anyone suggest to me a makeup routine or some really great products? i currently use the MAC studio fix in NW45. Thanks Smiley Happy)

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For multi-purpose products, get some high-end eyeliners, eyeshadow, primer, and lipstick.  Only go to the drugstore for mascara, only to high end places for mascaras with added benefits.  Eyeliner can be used to prime, highlight, and shade or define the eye. You can do many things with a white eyeliner.  But get as many as you can to see which one suits you best (Colors and brands).  Eyeshadow can be used as blush, bronzer, shadow, highlighter, and eyeliner.  Use cream eyeshadow as a color corrector, then place regular concealer on top.  Color correcting products help even out the red/dark areas of the face, then concealer to conceal it completely.  Primer is crucial, because it makes everything last and is very important and needed in the beauty department.  There are many primers, but there are highlighting and mattifying primers out there that are worth the buy, for example Urban Decay's.  Lipstick can be used as a cream blush and a lipstick, but the formulation is crucial, thus the benefits for lip care as well.

Foundation as well.  Eyeliner, foundation, shadow, and lipstick.    Mascara, blush and bronzer can be found at any drugstore, just check out NYX at Ulta.  For blush, go to ELF and Rimmel, and for bronzer check out Revlon.  Revlon has great lipsticks as well as NYX.

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