full coverage makeup for acne scars

Hey i have acne scars that are red and are little holes all over my face if anyone knows of a really good !!full coverage!! concealer and powder to use that wont break me out or make my scaring worse, i would love to know! Smiley Happy

Thanks in advance

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Try Benefit's Porefession or Too Faced's Primed and Poreless. I've worked with dozens of primers and pore fillers and these two rank in my book as the top two that actually make a difference in smoothing over the look of skin with pore issues and uneven textures.


Try a creamy concealer rather than a liquid so it has some substance and won't just sink directly into problem spots. Benefit's Boi-Ing and even a creamy stick concealer from Smashbox of Dermablend can help with full coverage and using less product as pigmentation is stronger in these products. A little goes a long way, so dab the area needing concealer with product and a brush as to not transmit more oils from skin to skin contact.


If you must stick with powder, choose a very fine, milled powder as to not enhance the problematic areas. Powder will absorb oil and moisture, so you run the risk of it looking dry on skin if you apply too much. I suggest either Benefit's Hello Flawless powder, Smashbox's HALO, or Cargo's Blu Ray powder as all three formulas have softer, finer particles and won't settle into the skin or look too "powdery" once applied.



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I felt down the stairs last year and have a big, raised scar on my chin as a result. I've tried foundations, concealers, bb creams, at all price points.  The best coverage - by far - has been Merle Norman's Powder Base

Also, a good primer could help you to reduce the visibility of the little holes. 

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Try MAC foundation.  They have a couple great full coverage foundations of all different types of skin and concealer to go with them.  If you go into the store they will help you find the right foundation and match your color so you can see it on your face before purchasing.  They also have a finishing powder which is the prep and prime translucent powder that sets your foundation amazingly!


I would def. check them out


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