foundation crisis

okay so i try to wear makeup when i am out and about but i get lazy. i have noticed my skin has gotten quite bad in the last few months :s. it has gone from 1 -2 blemishes a month to, 3-4 propping up a week. i have a good face cleansing regimine that i don't want to mess with, i remove my makeup,cleanse, etc etc. . but i am wondering about my foundation. I am using at the moment Mac foundation it's in a powder matte format. i like how it goes on but i know i don't put on enough for it to look good, and too much makes it look cakey so i usually look drab bc i don't want to risk looking cakey. i use a powder over it.


My question is this.. I know wearing more of this foundation will make me look nicer but in the long run i am thinking my face will break out more. So what do i do?


I want to try the smashbox line again but in the past it made me break out with the tinted moisturizer and their liquid foundation wasn't the right shade.


i'm really frustrated and don't know what to do. help pleaseSmiley Happy


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