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hey everyone!! ok so i have a bit of a dilemma. i wear foundation to school everyday, i don't cake it on or anything don't worry, just enough to give me a good natural glow and to even out my whole skin tone. but when i leave school everyday at around 4:00ish my foundation has creased and i have no idea how long it's been that way, my guess is a couple hours! i don't even know if you can call it creasing per-say. it has basically just formed lines down the sides of my nose going under my eyes. it's as if i scrunched my face and held it for 5 minutes immediately after foundation application. i don't know how to prevent it, it happens with basically every foundation even colorstay which is long-wearing. what do you beauties suggest?!


**if it helps i do exfoliate/moisturize/use monistat chaffing gel as my primer (just like smashbox primer)/ and use a brush to apply. and a setting spray! and i have normal skin with few pimples, nothing else. thanks for everyones input!!!

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What type of foundation are you using and with what tool?


Is it a cream, liquid, powder? Do you set your make up with a powder? Are you in any sports or physical activities, or even in hot/humid temperatures to cause your make up to never fully "set"?


Have you ever used any other product for primer aside from the Monistat gel?


Trying to get a well rounded idea of your conditions your make up faces before throwing out suggestions! Smiley Happy

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Make sure your foundation, moisturizer and primer are all either "water base" or "Silicone base", check the ingredients it should say in the top 5 of ingredients. I know you're in school and if you can't afford a top quality foundation try Revlon color stay, if you can afford a higher quality try either, Make Up Forever HD or Nars. Moisturizer and let it totally dry, then prime your face with a nice thin even layer and again, let it dry completely, then foundation, then use a setting powder. Depending on the coverage you want, using a damp sponge will be a light coverage, a brush will be more coverage. Try not to use your fingers, they contain bacteria. "Model in a bottle" is a great setting spray, that's what I use on my clients. Bring a compact setting powder through out the day, Cover FX blotting powder or you can use the Revlon color stay powder, and touch up. Hope this helps

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