foundation, concealer, and tinted moisturizer
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i, I am trying to find the best combinations of tinted moisturizer, foundation, and concealer for me.  I have medium complection.  I currently use bare essentials medium beige foundation but, feel that it doesn't stay on well.  I like the more natural/mineral make up. I am currently trying sephora tinted moisturizer camel 28. Is their something better than this? Also, I have fairly dry skin.



I've been reading...would a BB cream be better? 

I don't have many blemishes ever..just occasionally. The concealer is for under my eyes.

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I don't know if I mis-read your post or not, but I don't think you need to wear a tinted moisturizer AND a foundaiton at the same time--seems like a little too much product for my taste!  I would choose one or the other, depending on how much coverage you want--a tinted moisturizer or BB cream will provide hydration with a few added benefits, without that heavy "cakey" feeling.  It's a lightweight alternative to a thicker, more full-coverage foundation.  If your looking for a great tinted moisturizer, I would recommend Bobbi Brown's oil-free tinted moisturizer.  It's super lightweight and feels great on the skin.

Bobbi Brown - SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free


If your looking for a good BB cream, I would recommend Too Faced's cream.  Color is great, is long-lasting, and helps control shine!

Too Faced - Tinted Beauty Balm SPF 20


In terms of foundation, if that's the route you want to take, I really like Make Up For Ever's HD foundation.  It provides EXCELLENT coverage, and lasts forever--literally.  It also looks great in pictures AND in person!  AMAZING product!

MAKE UP FOR EVER - HD Invisible Cover Foundation




LAST but not LEAST, my favorite concealer of all time (for blemishes, eyes, and much more), I would HIGHLY suggest Make  Up For Ever's Full Coverage Concealer.  Covers even the most pesky blemishes, as well as under-eye circles.  Wonderful product that really does what it says--fully covers!


MAKE UP FOR EVER - Full Cover Concealer


Hope this helps and best of luck!

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Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit is ideal. It brings the tinted moisturizer you are looking for and a concealer pot that has undereye concealer and blemish concealer. Usually when looking for the best combinations of products that work well together, you will find them in the same brand. I love buying kits like this one from different brands because you can see how the products work with eachother which is the way they were meant to be used. You say you have fairly dry skin and, luckily, the tinted moisturizer in this kit is very creamy and good for dry skin. You also mentioned that your current foundation doesn't stay on well. Thankfully, this kit brings a primer which is made for makeup lasting longer. This kit brings some extra goodies! Take a look at it Smiley Happy

LM Flawless Face Kit.jpg

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