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Okie my recent question/post was nicely resolved etc thanks all you beauties expertos!!! I tried the Dr. Jarte BB cream for first time ever (never tried/used BB creams) and then applied my LM found. powder (i didn't even use primer and liquid foundation), and omg i got nice even good coverage and didn't really have to keep reapplying throughout the day! butt my ? is, for oily skins, should i/is it ok to keep reapplying my LM found. powder throughout the day? Or is a pressed powder better? btw, i'm just wondering out loud, i wonder why my face is oily but my body is dry?!! TIA!!~

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You should use oil blotting papers because if your skin is that oily then your going to have too much powder globbed up on your face by the end of the day. Hope this helps!


Haha my face is super oily but I have dry skin on my arms and legs too! It's really frustrating because sometimes I feel like it'd be perfect for the two to just balance each other out but no.. guess that's not really how it works. ): The skin on your face is different from the skin on your body, and the sweat glands and pores differ as well, so you can't really compare the two. 


As for reapplying your powder foundation throughout the day.. it might not be the best idea because you could be trapping bacteria into your skin when you reapply, especially if you do it with an already used sponge or brush. I would suggest using blotting papers instead, as they blot the oils off your face without disturbing the makeup too much. The best thing to do for oily skin that's also breakout-prone is to touch your face as little as possible, especially if you havent washed your hands beforehand. If you absolutely have to reapply, I would suggest blotting first and then reapplying the powder.


I don't think it makes too big of a difference whether you apply the powder foundation again or another powder. You might not want to cake it on though, for the hygenic reasons I stated above. 


It depends, if you find your face to be oily then go ahead and use a blotting sheet and powder to touch up. If you find that you're not as oily as you think, then skip it. For me I have oily skin and I always use a oil controlling primer underneath. I found that it makes me touch up less often; about once a day. To me I don't think there is a difference on which one you would use.

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My suggestions are already kinda mentioned but I thought I would try to help anyway... if you like the idea and/or benefit of using a BB cream I advise trying as many as you can before you settle because there are HUGE differences depending on the brand you buy. (Just for anyone interested out there, I buy my regular BB cream from Korea and it is amazing) but I also love the Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer, and it does help with oily skin as well. Plus I recently discovered the Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector and it kept my face dry and perfect all day without the use of a powder or any kind of setting spray! I just bought the full size yesterday. So I agree with kissenmakeup that maybe it's the BB cream you're using... and I also agree with bananachoox3 that you might benefit from using an oil controlling primer... good luck Smiley Happy (adding this...) I understand your original question... but I guess I thought that if I could help you try to avoid having to re-apply throughout the day that would be more convenient than which powder to use... sorry about that Smiley Happy  So my first thought would be blotting papers as mentioned by another VIB (because that's what I had done for so long until recently)... but if you want to ONLY choose between the powder foundation and a pressed powder I guess I would lean toward a pressed powder probably thinking maybe it wouldn't put too much additional coverage since you've already done your makeup for the day. How about clear setting powders, have you ever tried that??? For years I have had the oily issues as well and whenever I re-applied my powder it felt cakey and I was constantly breaking out... but when I started using the Tarte BB primer and even better now with the Becca Ever-Matte I have avoided the oily issues and the cakeyness and the breakouts... to me that's a win win win... I'm just trying to help... take care Smiley Happy

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Maybe the BB cream makes you oilier? it does to me. that's why i don't use BB cream for my oily skin. 


Try to use an oil-free foundation or mattifying foundation like clinique even matte, KATvond lock it, Mufe Mat velvet or Hourglass liquid to powder- those can give you a mattified medium to full coverage that will last whole day and skip from using a powder foundation for retouching to avoid caking up, instead set your foundation with a good setting powder.

Don't re-apply the powder foundation, it is true that it might trap some bacteria and cause some breakouts.

if you really need to blot or controll your oil.. Try to use a blotting paper or the MAC Blotting powder.

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