does the sephora airbrush system actually work?

I am considering buying the TEMPTU airbrush system from Sephora, but I've been saving up for forever and I really want to make sure it's worth it first. Help?

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It is very different from traditional hand applied liquid makeup. It lasts longer, and is lighter feeling on the skin, and doesnt get shiny, or require touch ups. It is especially nice for special occasions (parties, weddings). I cant live without it, and swear by it!


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When training to become a makeup artist i had to learn to use many systems,... the temptu pod system was my least favorite ...  it is nice for every day... dont get me wrong, but it is definitely time consuming, and does not come out looking professional quality. And please dont even consider if you have dry skin...  there are so many more airbrush systems out there.

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