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does nars still carry cream blushes?

I'm looking for a cream blush & i've used the other nars blushes & have loved them!

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NARS still carries the cream blushes.  However, they are not carried at Sephora. Go to the official NARS site and they will be found under the tab; color > cheeks. 


The closest cream blush products from NARS at Sephora are going to be the multiple and luminizers as mentioned by the other posts. 

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They sure do and the are lovely....they have the Multiple and Also nice illuminators. I personally have the Multiple in Orgasm and the illuminator in Laguna Smiley Happy I will attach a link below of each(they both come in many colors)

Ok lol so the site is under maintanence so it wont load the pages to post the links....But just go to brands and choose Nars. Then just look for the Multiple Cream to Powder blush stick and The Illuminator.



The NARS Illuminators and Multiple makeup sticks are both incredible products! I like them just as much as I love the powder NARS blushes. They're both easy to work with and provide the face with a stunning multi-dimensional glow.They're also a great way to achieve the ever-so-popular dewy cheek effect. 




The Multiple


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The closest that Sephora carries is the Multiple. I really wouldn't use it for much though other than as a crem blush.  Do love them though Smiley Happy

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