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When trying to hide puffiness, dark spots and blemishes, is it better to apply concealer before or after liquid foundation?

If concealer should be applied before, does it make sense to apply foundation over the areas where the concealer has been applied or is it better to skip these areas so as not to dilute the effect of the concealer?

Finally, is it safe to apply foundation on upper eyelids if they have redness or uneven skin tone?






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I would recommend applying Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden to your eyelids to even out the skin tone of your lids, plus it will make your eyeshadow stay on great.  You can find it here:

Lisa Eldridge has a wonderful video tutorial about applying concealer that I think would be beneficial to you to watch.  If you're interested in watching the tutorial, here's the link:

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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Here is the order I apply everything:


eye primer (I use stay don't stray-so it's a concealer primer too)

face primer

concealer on blemishes on my face


concealer under eyes


I wouldn't apply foundation to my upper eyelids-instead, I would invest in a color-correcting eye primer that you can apply before foundation and eyeshadow.  That way your eyeshadow will last longer too!  Hope this helps Smiley Happy

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Both option are professionally used and can give excellent results.  But yes, if you put concealer after skincare/primer, you'll need to be mindful of where you put the concealer as you spread out the foundation.  Be sure to set with pressed or loose translucent powder.  Try both ways and see what works best for you: consider immediate look, effort, and makeup lasting.  Hope that helps! 

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What I do and what I see other makeup artist do is apply the foundation before the concealer. The way I see it, you're preping the face before you cover any blemish's or dark circles and plus, concealer is usually a more concentrated and thicker formula than your foundation therefore it will be easier to blend when you don't stick a layer of foundation ontop of it.

I wouldnt necessarily recommend putting concealer on your lids. I'm sure it's safe but there ARE other alternatives, like a coloured eyelid primer. Try Urban Decay's line of Primer potions. They work fantastic.

I hope this helped. Good Luck!

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