blush or bronzer?

I dont know which to go with. I have light/medium skin (on the definite lighter side now but may tan up later). Should I go with a soft blush or light bronzer? which will be more in the season and look good?? thank you Smiley Happy

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Hey = )


I honestly feel that the bronzed look is moreso summer than spring. Right now, its ok to play with pastels and a nice soft blush to give you that almost ethereal feel. Plus I think it goes well with the pastel colors, like baby pink and mint green, that are in right now. But if you do want to have a bronzed look, you can always amp up your blush will a gold-toned illuminator or highlight.


I hope that helps = )

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*Fish face*

Where is the bottom of your cheekbone? You want bronzer there.

On the top, around your eye, you want a little bit of blush.

With a tan, work around with them, everyone is different. I, personally, like blush, but with a tan you might like bronzer more.

If you want to add a little more excitement to your face, put a light layer of bronzer all over your face.

I hope this helps.

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I would go with both! The great thing about bronzer is that you can use it as blush as well as all over the face (I love contouring). With blush, you can't really put it all over your face. I mean, I love both looks...the bronzed natural look and the very feminine blush look, but personally I love wearing both at the same time (countouring all over with bronzer then adding blush to my cheekbones). I really can't pick one ah!

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