best primer for fine lines?
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I have fine smile lines around my eyes, and some rather pronounced frown lines on my forehead. I have used the Tarte sample sized primer and thought it was ok. My skin is typically dry. Any suggestions? I'm looking at the Korres Age Reversal, Smashbox Photo Finish, & Laura Mercier. Thanks for the input!

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For Best results your should go in for a Skincare consulatation. there are tons of products out there to help you. Some of my favourites are Rexaline Hydra Eyezone eye cream which is lightwieght and very moisturizing. It helps brighten, get rid of puffiness and plump up fine lines. For the face i would use something like Philosophy's Help me night time retinol treatment (followed with an spf during the AM) and a good moisturizer, like Hope in a Jar or the Korres Quercetine and Oak line. Skin care products are key to keeping those lines and wrinkles at bay.


If you still want a good primer with some Anti-aging benefits, there are 4 that come to mind.

1. Korres Quercetine and Oak which has a lotion texture and uses natural plant and herbe extracts to make your skin act up to 20% younger. Their skincare line (of the same name) is truly amazing. 

2. Smashbox primer with dermalex and spf 15.

3. Fusion's Primer (dont remember the name) but its also pink i believe. they use amrine comlex to plum up any lines and wrinkles. 

4. Cover FX makes an anti againg one.


Also, Hourglass Makes a foundation with Maxytril 3000 in it, which is a great anti againg ingridient (also available in Sephora brand skincare and Stri vectin skincare) and i believe it has a built in primer! 

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You should try Peter Thomas Roth Instant FIRMx Eye which isn't a primer, but a product that is made to apply before your face primer just around your eye area to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.  You apply it and let it dry for 3 to 5 minutes and then just apply your foundation primer as usual.  It really works at smoothing out those pesky fine lines.  A tube will last you for probably at least a year because it takes such a tiny amount for each use.  You can read about it at:

It works much better than any primer I've ever used for fine lines.

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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I tried both the Korres and Laura Mercier...they were both pretty good (the Korres makes your skin ultra-soft!) but I wasn't totally satisfied with the results.   I found that Benefit POREfessional is the absolute best!  I originally purchased it for the enlarged pores on either side of my nose, (which it does conceal flawlessly) but also found that it really did the best job at concealing crows feet and frown lines too! 

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