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Hey you guys, so I notice my lashes like to stick together and clump. I currently using Maybeline's Lots of Lashes, because I want to get every last lash, I don't want clumping though, and I want huge, think, dark lashes. Although my eyelashes got too dry when I used more then three mascaraes at time, primer, and waterproof formulaes. I need a non-waterproof formula.


What would you suggest?

You could also suggest one lengthing & one volumizing,


Please help Smiley Very Happy


also, I've tired They're Real but it clumped on me a lot, I used a seperate between coating aswell. :/

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Lancome makes a great separating mascara called Definicil.  They also make one called Hypnose that makes your lashes crazy-noticeable.  The great thing about Lancome is that I find their formulas smudge a lot less than some other mascaras I've tried (hello Tarte and Revlon!).  Another great one is Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes.  It almost doubles the length of your lashes-- no joke-- and is easy to remove.  You just pull it off, like tubes encasing your lashes!  There's a higher end mascara that performs the same way; I don't know what it's called. 


You might want to focus more on the brush of the mascara, though, if you're worried about definition.  Givenchy makes a ball brush so you can customize your coverage, which also has the benefit of defining.  If you want to go cheaper, I love Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume; the rubber brush really separates.  And as long as we're talking about brushes, have you tried using a spooley?  Combing your lashes through with a spooley after each coat will help a lot with keeping lashes separated and clump free.   

My sister (she wanted to make sure she got credit) just informed me that the high-end beauty tube mascara is called Blinc.
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I love Blinc Mascara (also known as Kiss Me Mascara) I mentioned it in my post somewhere above. It works best with the Primer from the same line. I have heard of a less expensive version of this mascara, it's supposed to form the little "tubes" around your lashes like Blinc does. I don't know if it works as well as Blinc/Kiss Me. Sadly, Sephora doesn't have all of the Blinc Products, I suggested since they carry numerous other products from Blinc, like the primer, and even different colored mascaras.
I've used Blinc with and without the primer and find I love it much more when used with the primer that Blinc makes, don't really know that another primer would work, think Blinc's Primer formula is different, since their mascara formula is so different.

To remove the 'tubes' I recommend, Blinc recommends splashing water on your lashes and then very, very gently roll your lashes around a bit between your fingers. Then splash more water to wash them away. Be prepared, you will probably see them in the sink and they look icky and freaked me out, but it's worth it. I imagine the other formula recommends splashing, rolling, splashing - but I could be wrong. Would be fun to see if someone tries both to see what the difference is.


@MsJin - your sister is a smart cookie. Smiley Happy Just like you.

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