best mascara! :D

Hey you guys, so I notice my lashes like to stick together and clump. I currently using Maybeline's Lots of Lashes, because I want to get every last lash, I don't want clumping though, and I want huge, think, dark lashes. Although my eyelashes got too dry when I used more then three mascaraes at time, primer, and waterproof formulaes. I need a non-waterproof formula.


What would you suggest?

You could also suggest one lengthing & one volumizing,


Please help Smiley Very Happy


also, I've tired They're Real but it clumped on me a lot, I used a seperate between coating aswell. :/

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Lancome makes a great separating mascara called Definicil.  They also make one called Hypnose that makes your lashes crazy-noticeable.  The great thing about Lancome is that I find their formulas smudge a lot less than some other mascaras I've tried (hello Tarte and Revlon!).  Another great one is Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes.  It almost doubles the length of your lashes-- no joke-- and is easy to remove.  You just pull it off, like tubes encasing your lashes!  There's a higher end mascara that performs the same way; I don't know what it's called. 


You might want to focus more on the brush of the mascara, though, if you're worried about definition.  Givenchy makes a ball brush so you can customize your coverage, which also has the benefit of defining.  If you want to go cheaper, I love Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume; the rubber brush really separates.  And as long as we're talking about brushes, have you tried using a spooley?  Combing your lashes through with a spooley after each coat will help a lot with keeping lashes separated and clump free.   

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