bb cream for large pores and sensitive

What are the best bb cream to hides large pores and won't make your skin turns dark by the end of the day ?

I want to buy it for my cousin actually

Her skin is kinda oily and sensitive

Please do help me

It's kinda sad looking at her so depressed staring at mirror everyday :smileysad:

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Are pores her only issue? Try getting her Dr. Brandt pores no more. Its amazing. And my favorite beauty cream is Dior Nude BB cream. It has buildable coverage and luminuous. Its light, so it wont make her skin turn dark.

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The nature republic BB cream by Flower is great for that skin type, it has corn flower extract that helps with oil but doesn't dry out. It covers pores pretty well, too. There are two shades, #1 and #2. It's sort of hard to find but it is great and not too expensive, around 11 dollars.

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I would definitely not get her Dr. Jart. I can't speak for all of them but I have the Black Label Detox and while it did wonders for my skin after wearing it for a couple weeks, it's not for oily skin types. I have slightly sensitive, extremely oily skin (when wearing any liquid/cream based makeups) and fairly large pores and just switched my BB cream to Clinque's! It's amazing, has a more matte finish and probably one of the best medium coverages of all the BBs I've tried. It does oxidize slightly but it's barely noticeable especially if you use a finishing powder over it.

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I second Tarte 12 hour bb primer - as a primer it fills in pores nicely and controls shine. The only con is it will emphasize any dry skin. I would still wear a moisturizer with it. I like to apply mine with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush ($8.99 at Ulta). I wear this everyday. It's lightweight but covers all my redness and acne marks. SPF 30 which is nice!

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My skin is also kinda oily and sensitive!

I have tried a million different samples from Sephora and the only one I liked (loved! actually :smileyhappy: is TARTE
BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen.

It has a beautiful mousse-like texture, spreads easily, covers pores and stays put. And you need only a tiny bit! swfupload_2649824739614624198.jpg

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I have to agree with the suggestion for Dr. Jart.  I use the black BB cream and it is great on my oily-combo skin that has large pores.  It matches with my light skintone very well but in some reviews, people with darker tones have issues with it.  It is the only BB cream I have tried so I cannot compare it to any others.  I sometimes even wear it out the house without any powder over it and I do not feel self-conscious.  

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Skin79 Lovely Girl BB cream oxidizes quickly and I have yet to break out from it. The only con is that it has no SPF if your cousin wants SPF. I've heard that Skin79 Dreamgirls is similar to Lovely Girl if she wants SPF. You can find both on Amazon. They're a little more expensive than stateside BB creams but have more volume.


I've also used Garnier's oil free and I thought it looked good on my skin. I've heard awful things about the first kind but the OIL FREE is good from my experience. I used the light and it looked fine by the end of the day, as did Lovely Girl.


Though BB creams do have priming aspects, if someone has pores that are larger or more visible than the average bear, they may find that they still need to use a separate primer underneath the BB.


For oily and sensitive skin, I would advise taking a look into Dr. Jart's BB creams. The line is first of skin care based rather than cosmetic based, so the ingredients and focuses are more geared toward improving skin and taking skin care related issues like oil and sensitivities compared to cosmetic lines that have hopped in the BB band wagon, even though there are decent ones out there.



The BB Cream kit above from Dr. Jart contains the Water Fuse BB, a light weight BB that is comprised humectants to bind healthy moisture to skin and provide skin the moisture it needs without weighing skin down or making it greasy, the Premium BB focuses on combating UV and environmental damage, the Black Detox BB focuses on purifying skin and tackling problematic/acne prone issues, and the Renewalist BB targets evening skin tone and helps with anti-aging.


The formulas are paraben and sulfate free, and again, come from a skin care based line. The sampler is a way for her to try a variety and find which ones suits her best rather than go at the buy one, test it, buy another, test it rate. In regards to oxidizing, that occurrence can be very individual based. There is no exact BB or make up that has been pegged as oxidizing 100% across the board nor has there really been any way to pinpoint what skin type will have oxidation issues. Often time it can occur due to how make up reacts to skin and the exposure to oxygen mixed with natural oils at the surface. This is where using a separate primer can come into play and help form more of a barrier between skin and make up to prevent this from occurring.


Honestly the best one I have tried is from the drugstore. It's called Lumene Illuminating BB cream, I use it because I have sensitive skin and love it. Since she is kinda oily, I would recommend a setting powder.


I really like Holika Holika Petit BB cream in clearing. It is my favorite makeup product right now. I sound like a broken record, I know. I'm light skinned and I can wear it. I think most people in the light to medium range can. Here's a picture off this ladies blog of before and after. It really is a nice BB cream, and at $6 I find it amazing! It's not as oily as most BB creams. I would get her this and a good translucent setting powder. Mine is also sensitive, it does have kind of a pleasant herb smell to it but it has yet to irritate me. 

Petit BB Cream Clearing 1.jpgPetit BB Cream Clearing 2.jpg


I totally agree with @olivanova. I have done a lot of research for bb creams for oily skin this past year. The best one I have tried is definitely the BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen. It works so well I don't even really need a concealer. It asks as an amazing skin perfecter and keeps me matte all day. However, this is a little pricey and even though I thought the tarte bb cream was better for my oil control, I also thought that the garnier bb cream for combonation oily skin was pretty good. It also gives great coverage and works really well for some people. I would also suggest a powder to set it. Urban decay's de-slick is also a great thing to try.

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