bb cream for large pores and sensitive

What are the best bb cream to hides large pores and won't make your skin turns dark by the end of the day ?

I want to buy it for my cousin actually

Her skin is kinda oily and sensitive

Please do help me

It's kinda sad looking at her so depressed staring at mirror everyday Smiley Sad

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I really like Holika Holika Petit BB cream in clearing. It is my favorite makeup product right now. I sound like a broken record, I know. I'm light skinned and I can wear it. I think most people in the light to medium range can. Here's a picture off this ladies blog of before and after. It really is a nice BB cream, and at $6 I find it amazing! It's not as oily as most BB creams. I would get her this and a good translucent setting powder. Mine is also sensitive, it does have kind of a pleasant herb smell to it but it has yet to irritate me. 

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