american bb cream vs asian bb cream

hello. i have a question comparing the two. for those who have used both, which do you prefer? what is the difference? are they really priming and hydrating as they promise??? thx

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from what I've been reading on line the Asian BB creams are so much better as far as hydrating and coverage, the American BB creams, (as I've read) seem to be more of a tinted moisturizer. If you google your question just as you posted it, you will find tons of info. I myself am looking for an Asian BB cream. there is info out there on Skin79 Brand, how to tell if its the real deal. (I guess there is some fakes out there.) From the homework I've done, has the real deal on that. is another good site for Asian makeuip. Good Luck Darlin. xoxoxo

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That I can see everyone who posted is pretty right. I've also heard though that some of the Asian bb creams can be a bit more gray toned than the American ones. I don't think that's all of them of course and not sure which brands it might be but that would be something to look out for.

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I like asian BB creams because they feel better on my skin.  I haven't tried enough brands to know if they are as hydrating as they promise. I don't think they're meant to be used as primers though.  I also found that asian bb creams only come in a few shades, so unless you're pretty fair, you might not find a good fit.  I haven't found one that matches my skin as well as a foundation will.


Jen from frmheadtotoe has a huge post about asian BB creams here.  I found it helpful when I was first picking one out.


She says in a more recent video that BB creams don't work that well now that she's in a sunnier state though.  

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Ive only used the american brands- SB, tarte, dior & bobbi brown.


I am interested in leoeli triple the solution bb cream if anyone has tried. I couldn't find any comparison swatches online to see if it would work with my skintone. 

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I personally think that Asian BB creams are better as the consistency is much lighter, but still creamy. They also come in a variety of finishes and with many different functions so that you can pick the one to accommodate your skin issues best. Usually the scent is almost nonexistent, while the westernized BB creams I've tried tend to have really overbearing scents-- which I do not like. The biggest difference I would have to say would be the amount of coverage. I find that the Asian BB creams have much better coverage and look very natural. (That and Asian BB creams actually do what they claim, unlike the western ones.)

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I find that Asian BB creams are lighter in consistency while the western ones are more like tinted moisterizers. I prefer the Asian ones because I don't like wearing foundation, and I can feel the thicker Western creams on my face all day.


I think it really depends on your skin type, color and personal preference. Sample as many as you can! If you live in a city with a large Asian population, there are plenty of beauty stores that offer a wide selection and have testers laying around. If you're in Southern California, I have a few I can suggest.


I'm currently using the Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream. It's light enough so I'm not irritated, but it gives me enough coverage that I've recieved compliments. 


Hope this helps!

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Asian bb creams are medium coverage and feels light. I personally prefer them over American bb Cream that either doesn't match my skin tone or have no coverage whatsoever

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I have only used the ones that we sell here, but I do know that BB Creams have been a huge trend in Asia for longer than they have been here in the US.


To my knowledge, there are some brands that sell their BB Creams both in Asia and in the US. Boscia and Dr. Jart were one of the first BB Creams that I was introduced to.  Boscia is definitely sold over seas and has been successful over there.


I would guess that there isn't much difference in the products except for the colors.  Brands usually create colors that match more of the skin tones in different parts of the world.  Here in America, we have so many tones that we need cool, neutral and warmer tones in our complexion items to help to match the skin tones found here.


I hope that helps a little,




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I have tried the asian brands: Missha (which I like best so far), SkinFood peach sake toner, Dr. Jart and Lioele. The American brand I tried is Garnier. I have to say that the Garnier is NOTHING like the other ones I tried. It's greasy-feeling and provides pretty much no coverage. The other ones actually provide decent to good covereage without looking cakey or like you have makeup on. They even out your redness and all I need to do is add a touch of concealer for the really bad parts. My Garnier one doesn't do much at all. I wonder what the other American brands are like.

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The Jane Iredale BB cream is AMAZING; pretty much the exact opposite of what was said about the usual western ones. This one's a diamond in the rough! Its incredibly moisturizing, FULL coverage, 12 shades, super creamy, high SPF...makes my skin look flawless. I definitely don't need a foundation with it.

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asian bb creams are usually thicker than american ones. they have more coverage usually and a little goes a very long way. especially when u set it with a powder, they last all day and have healing properties a lot like american ones. i feel that these bb creams are more effective in combating acne, oiliness, etc.


american bb creams are also very great, i love them. the consistency can vary, from liquid-y to thick. i do notice that it feels more like makeup, and less like something that will heal your skin. i feel like it just feels like foundation, although there are great ones out there. overall, i do like the asian ones better.


yes they are hydrating, they are priming but i like to use a primer 


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I have tried both Asian and US  BB creams and like the Asian kind better, though obviously much harder to get. Of the US kinds, I like Smashbox BB cream as it comes in a shade that is light enough for me. So many of the ones I've tried are too yellow or too dark, so they look unnatural on me. As far as the difference, the Asian kind I tried was of a lighter consistency but still had some coverage properties and didn't look shiny after a couple of hours. It also had no fragrance at all, which I really like. I dislike products for the face that smell, the close proximity to my nose makes them repellent.


As far as priming goes, I still wear a primer underneath since I have oily skin and no makeup will really stay in place unless I do. If you have combo, normal or dry skin I think you could get away with using the BB cream by itself. I can't speak about the hydrating properties since I really don't need hydration with my skin type. 


Hope this helps!

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