american bb cream vs asian bb cream

hello. i have a question comparing the two. for those who have used both, which do you prefer? what is the difference? are they really priming and hydrating as they promise??? thx

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I find that Asian BB creams are lighter in consistency while the western ones are more like tinted moisterizers. I prefer the Asian ones because I don't like wearing foundation, and I can feel the thicker Western creams on my face all day.


I think it really depends on your skin type, color and personal preference. Sample as many as you can! If you live in a city with a large Asian population, there are plenty of beauty stores that offer a wide selection and have testers laying around. If you're in Southern California, I have a few I can suggest.


I'm currently using the Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream. It's light enough so I'm not irritated, but it gives me enough coverage that I've recieved compliments. 


Hope this helps!

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